Mash Buhtaydusss is a collaborative art duo native to New Orleans, La.

Barbie L'Hoste earned her master's degree in studio fine arts from Tulane University and continues to work with collage/ mixed media on paper and canvas.

Brandt Vicknair, photographer, studied film production at The University of New Orleans. 

The team breathes new life into decaying spaces by inviting unlikely characters to join them. These characters aid in the invention of imaginative landscapes that become metanarratives in a series of surreal events and disappointments left up for interpretation. Heavy use of satire, nostalgia, and absurdity punctuate each story as we explore the human condition and more closely examine our manufactured predisposition to assign a greater meaning to the ridiculous events of our own lives.

A reality of popular culture, social media, corruption, and perversion clash with the ideals of youth to reveal hard truths. In the moments of these abstract stories, we are able to witness the last bits of innocence escape while thinking about the parts of our world that have casually been discarded. 
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